“As appetizers go, calamari is one of those go-to starters that most of us have enjoyed dozens of time. But, not like what you’ll savor at Duval’s, where, under the skill of Chef Nils and his dynamic crew, calamari is dialed in pirate-style.  We’re talking Siesta Key Rum Glazed Calamari, flash fried so it’s nice and crispy, then tossed in a rum glaze . . . alongside slices of pineapple, banana peppers, cucumber and red peppers.  Mart was wowed by the topping of pea shoots, which gave the entire dish an “octopuses garden” (his words not mine – no octopus here,) air to it. This calamari has a real zing to it, a bright taste that wakes up the appetite,  just as an appetizer is meant to do!”

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