Duval’s continues to up their game, reinventing its menu and forging ahead of the foodie train with eclectic eatery and a passion for superior seafood and service. With a real focus on freshness and a desire to support our community, they source only the finest ingredients from local fisherman and farmers. And while we all crave the classics now and then, it’s great to shake things up a bit sometimes. Chef Nils at Duval’s was getting tired of the traditional lemon/butter and marina-style mussels. Wanting to really create a signature dish unique to Duval’s, he came up with the Creamy Dijon Mussels dish:

Garlic cloves, diced onions and roasted potatoes are put on high heat to make them crispy then deglazed with white wine, heavy crème, whole-grain Dijon mustard and tasso ham. A pound of Prince Edward Island Mussels get sautéed and tossed in the end there, topped off with herbs. Toasted parmesan crostinis make an appearance to sop up all the rich sauciness on the bottom. While they still offer the traditional mussel recipes with lemon/butter and white wine, this dish adds a delectable twist. The rest of town must agree—having been extremely well received with 99% of mussel sales dominated by the Cream Dijon take. Who says people don’t like change?