At Duval's we take pride in our passion for delivering the freshest fish and seafood available in Sarasota! We work with local fisherman and seafood companies that provide us with the best seafood the market has to offer.

Over the course of the year, Chef Nils Tarantik brings in over 30 varieties of fish and the majority of these fish are all locally caught. Whether it is Black Grouper, Red Snapper, Pompano, Golden Tile, Amberjack, or Hognose Snapper, Chef Nils always has a new and exciting variety of local fish for the diners at Duval's to indulge in.

Another highlighting feature of the local fish that we feature is the vast majority of the fish that we serve are all brought to the restaurant whole and filleted in-house.  We have a saying here, "the only knife that touches the fish before yours, is the Chefs."  We feel that this is essential to providing our patrons with the absolute freshest fish possible.

What really get us excited about the fresh local fish at Duval's are the types of fish that are unique and can't be found at many restaurants.  In the video below Chef Nils will give you a tutorial on filleting a Barracuda!