LUNCH $16.00 per person

First Course (Select One): 
- Chilled tomato soup: Roasted cherry tomato, pickled red onion
- Chopped caesar salad: Romaine, parmesan, croutons, caesar dressing
- Watermelon caprese: Queso fresco, balsamic reduction, candied walnuts, hydro bibb lettuce

Second Course (Select One):
- Taco salad: Grilled chicken, shredded cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, tortilla (add guacamole $.3 - add shrimp $8)
- Spiced shrimp gazpacho cocktail: Spiced mediterranean vegetable gazpacho, spice rubbed shrimp, pomme frittes
- Crab and shrimp cake melt: Provalone, roma tomato, napa cabbage, chipotle remoulade, marble rye served with a side of trench fries
- Salad trio: Chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, Chopped iceberg and romaine, shredded carrot, grape tomato, cucumber served with your choice of dressing
(substitution charge of $2 per scoop)

Third Course (Select One):
- Raspberry Sorbet
- Key Lime Pie Cookie Sandwhich


DINNER $32.00 per person
optional wine pairing - $20/per person

First Course (Select One): 
- Chilled tomato soup: Roasted cherry tomato - pickled red onion
- Watermelon caprese: Queso fresco - balsamic reduction - candied walnuts - hydro bibb lettuce
- Deviled egg: Candied pepper bacon - whole grain mustard sauce

Second Course (Select One): 
- Crab and shrimp cake: Chipotle remoulade - street slaw
- Spiced shrimp gazpacho cocktail: Spiced mediterranean vegetable gazpacho - spice rubbed shrimp - pomme frittes
- Baked stuffed mushrooms: Vegetable stuffing - lemon butter sauce - parmesan cheese

Third Course (Select One): 
- Braised pork: Sweet peas - caramelized onion - roasted potatoes - white wine pan jus
- Grilled swordfish: Roasted tomato, onion, and peach caponata :- balsamic reduction - cheddar cheese grits
- Not your mama's meatloaf: Pork belly lardons - smashed potatoes - tomato :ed wine demi - stuffed with cheddar jack cheese
- Oven roasted chicken bruschetta: Fresh mozzarella - tomato bruschetta - basil pesto - roasted potatoes - zucchini vermicelli
- Fresh catch (additional charge of $15): Chefs rice pilaf - roasted vegetable medley - lemon butter

Fourth Course (Select One): 
- Raspberry sorbet

- Key lime pie cookie sandwich: Key lime custard - sugar cookies
- Flourless chocolate brownie: Chantilly cream - hot fudge - caramel sauce - chopped walnuts