Written by Mani Gonzalez, Sommelier

As we enter in to thoughts of Spring, I invite you to explore the world of wine made from Riesling grapes.  Often misunderstood and underestimated, wines made from Riesling are quite unique.  They are generally light in alcohol, which makes them great for 'Tea/Tee Time consumption.  They are also high in fruity natural acids, which makes them quite refreshing and versatile in regards to food pairings.  You can find Riesling wines in still or sparkling form, and in varying degrees of dryness/sweetness, from dry (trocken) to medium-dry (auselese, spatlese) to sweet (beerenauslese, TBA).  In any interpretation, they are aromatic & complex, expressive of the place they are from, and are capable of aging for extremely long periods of time - I'm talking decades upon decades in the bottle!  Many of the best riesling wines are made in Germany (Mosel, Pfalz) and France (Alsace).  I recommend trying producers like Joh. Jos. Prum (Mosel) Weingut Donnhoff (Nahe, Germany), and Trimbach (Alsace).  And if you're feeling really adventurous, try a Sekt Sparkling Riesling from Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl (Pfalz).  It's made in the same method as Champagne and I promise, you will not be disappointed!